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Nami Blast Max (60V, 40Ah)

Nami Blast Max (60V, 40Ah)
Nami Blast Max (60V, 40Ah)
Nami Blast Max (60V, 40Ah)
Nami Blast Max (60V, 40Ah)
Nami Blast Max (60V, 40Ah)
Nami Blast Max (60V, 40Ah)
Nami Blast Max (60V, 40Ah)
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Nami Blast Max (60V, 40Ah)
Nami Blast Max (60V, 40Ah)
Nami Blast Max (60V, 40Ah)
Nami Blast Max (60V, 40Ah)
Nami Blast Max (60V, 40Ah)
Nami Blast Max (60V, 40Ah)
Nami Blast Max (60V, 40Ah)
Nami Blast Max (60V, 40Ah)
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Nami Blast MAX: After the appearance of the Nami Blast electric scooter, Nami Electric now offers the Nami Blast MAX. Quite similar to the Nami Blast, the MAX stands out with its power, autonomy, and controllers.

The excellent quality/price: Nami Blast MAX

  • Perfect for speed lovers: Nami Electric has designed this electric scooter with 2x1500W (max 6720W) motors to prove its power. As promised, even more, powerful than the Blast can give you a max speed of 80km/h (on a private road). Its 40Ah LG battery now offers you a range of up to 100km.
  • The KKE adjustable suspension makes the Nami Blast electric scooter an all-terrain machine. Enough to enjoy a pleasant and comfortable drive, without feeling the fault of the road. Its handlebars and ergonomic handles help to better hold the road.

The safety and comfort of the Nami Blast MAX electric scooter

  • Comfort and safety are our priority and that of the Nami Electric team, the engineers are always committed to guaranteeing the best possible product quality. Assembled from an aluminum chassis and a carbon steering column, the Nami Blast MAX is compact and maneuverable enough to guarantee top stability.
  • To ensure smooth, yet safe braking, the Nami Blast MAX electric scooter is equipped with fully hydraulic brakes (160mm brake disks). Emergency braking or simple slowing down, there is nothing to fear with hydraulic brakes from Nami Electric.
  • To ensure visibility day and night, Nami has chosen to equip this electric scooter with powerful headlights and LED side lights under the deck. This modern and futuristic touch perfectly matches its all-black exterior.
  • The Nami Blast MAX electric scooter has a Nami Electric screen, like a small tablet on your vehicle. Water resistant, it allows real-time control of each program and option (speed, battery, lights, km, etc.). It allows you to change options and modes with a single click.
Main Features

  • Inverted front fork and patented absorbent
  • Water resistance / IP55 certification
  • Smart dashboard / IP65 certification
  • Powerful hydraulic brakes – Logan (160mm)
  • Controllers: 2x50A Sinewave IP65
  • 11-inch tubeless tire 90/65-6.5 road
  • Hydraulic suspension with rebound adjustment – KKE
  • Aluminum steering column
  • Folding system designed by Nami Electric
  • Unique tubular frame (3 year warranty)
  • Customizable riding modes to suit your preferences


Product Specifications
MotorMax 6720W BLDC Dual Hub Motor
Battery type60V 40Ah Li-Ion, LG 21700
Max mileage (km)100 (75kg / 25km/h)
Max Speed (km/h)Restricted to 25km/h (80km/h on private road)
Max load (kg)120
BrakeRear & Front LOGAN 2 piston hydraulic brakes and electric brake (160mm)
SuspensionAdjustable KKE hydraulic suspension with rebound adjustment
Tires11" Τubeless (90/65-6.5)
Water ResistantSmart Dashboard/Controller IP65 Protection sign: IPX5
Product weight (kg)48
Unfolded size (mm) LxWxH1340 x 700 x 1320
Folded size (mm) LxWxH1340 x 700 x 580