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Who We Are

Dualtron Greece, is an official distributor of the MiniMotors Brand, Dualtron and Speedway Electric Scooters for Greece. 

In Minimotors, we ask a simple question – how far can we go?

Not contented with being stuck in traffic, within cities, we wanted to go further, off the beaten track – to explore the city, the suburbs, the wooded lands. We don’t want to be limited by public transportation or cars or schedules. We want to be surprised by our journeys, and be delighted with our experiences.

So we created rides to do just that.
We wanted to know what we could make our scooters do. With a team dedicated to R&D, we kept asking questions. What if we added superior suspensions to increase the level of comfort and stability? What if we combined different transportation technologies? We went the extra mile to create ultra-performance vehicles that has boosted mobility and power.

We built machines that could go beyond pavements to hard gravel.
We wanted them to climb mountains. And we want them to handle like a dream.Most of all, we wanted to know if we can get you places, safely, and quickly.
So we created powerful machines that exceed your expectations in the best way possible, and we kept going, for in the hearts of those who dare to dream; there is always a quest to be stronger, faster, and go further.

And we know we aren’t alone in our quest, because since we started in Busan, Korea in 1999, you have made Minimotors one of the most demanded E-Scooters in the world.

As of January 2019, we are proud to become the sole distributor of the Minimotors brand in Greece. Dualtron Greece will represent Minimotors to market and to manage distribution throughout Greece and serve as a depot for providing our professional after sales services. Our customers can be assured of quality service and timely distribution.

We delight to offer our best, so you can conquer the rest.