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Electric Scooters:
Dualtron TOGO Plus (48V, 15Ah Samsung) Dualtron TOGO Plus (48V, 15Ah Samsung)
48v 15Ah
Inmotion S1F (54V, 12.5Ah) Inmotion S1F (54V, 12.5Ah)
-9 % Coming Soon
Brand: Inmotion
Inmotion S1F, SecuritySafety was the top priority in the development of the Inmotion S1F e-scooter. One of the most important features contributing to this is the smooth throttle control, which allows riders to easily and precisely control their speed and make quick decisions on the road. In additio..
999.00€ 1,099.00€
Ex Tax:805.65€
Nami Klima One (60V, 25Ah) Nami Klima One (60V, 25Ah)
-5 %
The Nami Electric range is constantly evolving. Always looking for innovation, Nami engineers favor handcrafted techniques to offer you a complete driving experience and better meet your needs.A less powerful electric scooter, but with an incredible range.Key featuresMotor: 1 x 1,000W Nominal, 2700W..
1,990.00€ 2,100.00€
Ex Tax:1,604.84€
Dualtron SPIDER MAX (60V, 24Ah) Dualtron SPIDER MAX (60V, 24Ah)
Coming Soon
Brand: Dualtron
The Dualtron Spider Max is the latest and most advanced version of the Dualtron Spider series. It is an electric scooter built with high-performance features in mind, making it ideal for commuters, adventurers, and anyone who wants to get around quickly and efficiently.Here are some of the key featu..
Ex Tax:2,008.06€
Dualtron CITY (60V, 25Ah) Dualtron CITY (60V, 25Ah)
-17 %
Brand: Dualtron
Dualtron CITY from MinimotorsThe all-new Dualtron CITY electric scooter is the 4th generation of its Dualtron scooters. From design to assembly, this model was entirely created by MiniMotors after 2 years of research and development. Dualtron CITY: Comfort 1st!!!The Dualtron CITY prom..
2,490.00€ 2,990.00€
Ex Tax:2,008.06€
Nami Klima (60V, 25Ah) Nami Klima (60V, 25Ah)
Coming Soon
Nami Klima. A more compact and accessible model, but with plenty of power.Every day, Nami Electric works on innovations based on the opinion of its users to develop the perfect scooter. By popular demand, Nami Electric engineers now offer a more compact, thinner, yet powerful electric scooter.This N..
Ex Tax:2,095.97€
Nami Klima Max (60V, 30Ah) Nami Klima Max (60V, 30Ah)
-9 % Coming Soon
Nami Klima Max. A compact model, but with even more power.Every day, Nami Electric works on innovations based on the opinion of its users to develop the perfect scooter. By popular demand, Nami Electric engineers now offer a more compact and thinner electric scooter, but with just as much power and ..
2,990.00€ 3,299.00€
Ex Tax:2,411.29€
Brand: Dualtron
Dualtron Ultra II Upgrade The Minimotors Off-Road BeastThe off-road beast is back with major upgradesNew EY4 color LCD displayComplete Lighting system with headlight and turn signalsNew multi-switch, to function  the lights and the hornWider handlebar for more safety (685mm)Higher folding clamp..
Ex Tax:2,733.87€
Nami Blast (60V, 29Ah) Nami Blast (60V, 29Ah)
Pre Order
The Nami Blast, which we had been eagerly anticipating as the latest model from Nami Electric, has arrived! With its top-notch quality and contemporary design, this model stays true to the brand. With its spectacular acceleration, it will be able to demonstrate its power.Blast also features a brand-..
Ex Tax:2,983.07€
Nami Blast Max (60V, 40Ah) Nami Blast Max (60V, 40Ah)
Pre Order
Nami Blast MAX: After the appearance of the Nami Blast electric scooter, Nami Electric now offers the Nami Blast MAX. Quite similar to the Nami Blast, the MAX stands out with its power, autonomy, and controllers.The excellent quality/price: Nami Blast MAXPerfect for speed lovers: Nami Electric ..
Ex Tax:3,789.52€
Nami BURN-E 3 MAX (72V, 40Ah) Nami BURN-E 3 MAX (72V, 40Ah)
-8 %
SPECIFICATIONS:Max 8,400W BLDC Dual Hub MotorNominal Power: 2 x 1500W12 mosfet, 50a max current controllers x2, sine wave, ip65, all waterproof connections Steering damper included (Original NAMI Stabilizer)Range : 140 kmMax speed on circuit : 100 km/hFront and Rear  full hydraulic brakes ..
4,990.00€ 5,399.00€
Ex Tax:4,024.19€
Dualtron STORM Limited (84V, 45Ah) Dualtron STORM Limited (84V, 45Ah)
Pre Order
Brand: Dualtron
Dualtron STORM LimitedThe limited version of the Dualtron STORM electric scooter comes with peak power of 11500W and a fixed battery of 84V / 45AhThe quality of this model, like all the products of the company Minimotors, raises no complaints. This Dualtron STORM Limited promises to live up any expe..
Ex Tax:4,717.74€
Dualtron X LIMITED (84V, 60Ah) Dualtron X LIMITED (84V, 60Ah)
-6 % Available for Pre order
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