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Dualtron X II (72V, 42Ah) Dualtron X II (72V, 42Ah)
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Brand: Dualtron
ΝEW Dualtron X II by MinimotorsThe successor of Dualtron X, Dualtron X II is the latest high-end model of the brand Minimotors. This new power monster..
Ex Tax:5,072.58€
Brand: Speedway
Speedway Super Mini 4 Pro (48V-13Ah)‘’an electric scooter small in size but packed with features.This model will surprise you with its ability to..
Ex Tax:596.77€
Brand: Speedway
Speedway Super Mini 4 Pro Lite (36V-10Ah)The Mini 4 Pro Lite (36V-10Ah) electric scooter is the newest version of the Speedway series. This Mini 4 Pro..
Ex Tax:524.19€
Brand: Speedway
Speedway 4 (52V-18.2Ah) is a budget solution that comes with all the essential features of Speedway 4 with the most luxury powerful BLDC HUB motor!Mai..
Ex Tax:959.68€
Brand: Dualtron
The new advanced electric scooter Dualtron ULTRA II from MinimotorsWith even more power thanks to its two motors of  6640 W in total, it is capab..
Ex Tax:3,217.74€