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Futecher Gun (48V, 15.6Ah) Futecher Gun (48V, 15.6Ah)
Brand: Futecher
Futecher GunAfter Dualtron and Speedway Minimotors introduces us a new brand, the Futecher. All-new design in compact dimensions. The Futecher comes in 2 models: Futecher Gun and Futecher Gun Pro.This compact, electric scooter comes with a motor of 600W (peak 1470W) and a battery of 48V, 15.6Ah.Both..
Ex Tax:750.00€
Futecher Gun Pro (52V, 20.8Ah) Futecher Gun Pro (52V, 20.8Ah)
Brand: Futecher
Futecher Gun ProWe introduce the upgraded version of the new Futecher Gun, the Futecher Gun Pro. This compact, electric scooter comes with a really powerful motor (Peak 1760W, Nominal 800W) capable of taking you up the slopes without breaking a sweat. Regarding the braking system, Futecher come..
Ex Tax:903.23€
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