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Speedway Electric Scooters, by MiniMotors, are the most trusted and reliable entry level scooters available.  Build quality is as impressive as the performance. Speedway offers you very particular electric scooters. Small models of scooters that display very impressive powers. Generally equipped with two engines Speedway is a series of scooters that are aiming to bring the highest performance possible to an urban electric scooter. These scooters are known for having high speed and distance without compromising quality and safety. Even the smallest model, the Speedway Mini 4 Pro, outperforms the majority of its competition offering superior ride, in terms of performance as well as riding comfort.

Brand: Speedway
Speedway Super Mini 4 Pro Lite (36V-10Ah)The Mini 4 Pro Lite (36V-10Ah) electric scooter is the newest version of the Speedway series. This Mini 4 Pro Lite version comes with all the essential features of a Speedway Mini 4 Pro Lite with a 36V 10Ah battery at a top speed of 30 km / h.Speedway mini 4 ..
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Speedway Super Mini 4 Pro (48V-13Ah) Speedway Super Mini 4 Pro (48V-13Ah)
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Brand: Speedway
Speedway Super Mini 4 Pro (48V-13Ah)‘’an electric scooter small in size but packed with features.This model will surprise you with its ability to take you where you want’’Coming with a lightweight body, dual suspension, and LED lights, this electric scooter is a convenient and fast choice.Εase ..
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Speedway LEGER PRO (52V-18.2Ah) - Dual Brake Speedway LEGER PRO (52V-18.2Ah) - Dual Brake
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Brand: Speedway
The NEW Speedway LEGER PRO comes with an advanced SINC battery of 52V capacity and drum brakes on both wheels. This makes the scooter much safer and capable for bigger distances.Speedway Leger: Simple and refinedThe Speedway LEGER, has two side LEDs illuminating the logo but remains sober on its oth..
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