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Dualtron CITY (60V, 25Ah) Dualtron CITY (60V, 25Ah)
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Brand: Dualtron
Dualtron CITY from MinimotorsThe all-new Dualtron CITY electric scooter is the 4th generation of its Dualtron scooters. From design to assembly, ..
2,490.00€ 2,990.00€
Ex Tax:2,008.06€
Nami Klima One (60V, 25Ah) Nami Klima One (60V, 25Ah)
-5 % Coming Soon
The Nami Electric range is constantly evolving. Always looking for innovation, Nami engineers favor handcrafted techniques to offer you a complete dri..
1,990.00€ 2,100.00€
Ex Tax:1,604.84€
Inmotion S1F (54V, 12.5Ah) Inmotion S1F (54V, 12.5Ah)
-9 %
Inmotion S1F, SecuritySafety was the top priority in the development of the Inmotion S1F e-scooter. One of the most important features contributing to..
999.00€ 1,099.00€
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Futecher Gun (48V, 15.6Ah) Futecher Gun (48V, 15.6Ah)
Brand: Futecher
Futecher GunAfter Dualtron and Speedway Minimotors introduces us a new brand, the Futecher. All-new design in compact dimensions. The Futecher comes i..
690.00€ 930.00€
Ex Tax:556.45€