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Dualtron SPIDER II (60V, 30Ah) Dualtron SPIDER II (60V, 30Ah)
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Brand: Dualtron
Dualtron Spider II Upgraded Version by Minimotors is still the strongest most powerful eScooter of its size.Minimotors manufactured an upgraded version of Dualtron Spider, the SPIDER II.  The most significant changes are the following:New battery 60V LG21700, with bigger battery capacity to 30A..
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Dualtron THUNDER (60v, 35Ah) Dualtron THUNDER (60v, 35Ah)
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Brand: Dualtron
Dualtron Thunder from MinimotorsThe Dualtron Thunder electric scooter is the third generation of its Dualtron scooters. From design to assembly, this model was entirely created by MiniMotors who restructured its production model to centralize everything from its factory in South Korea. The quality..
3,190.00€ 3,790.00€
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Brand: Dualtron
The new advanced electric scooter Dualtron ULTRA II from MinimotorsWith even more power thanks to its two motors of  6640 W in total, it is capable of driving up to more than 100km / h (restricted to 25km/h)The new battery of 72V gives you a range of 120-140 kilometres.The new innovation by Min..
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Dualtron THUNDER II (72V, 40Ah) Dualtron THUNDER II (72V, 40Ah)
Brand: Dualtron
Dualtron THUNDER IIthe successor of the legend!!The all-new Dualtron THUNDER II electric scooter is the 4th generation of its Dualtron scooters.The replacement of the legend, like all the products of the company Minimotors, raises no complaints.The all-new Dualtron ΤHUNDER II promises to maintain an..
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Dualtron STORM Limited (84V, 45Ah) Dualtron STORM Limited (84V, 45Ah)
New Coming Soon
Brand: Dualtron
Dualtron STORM LimitedThe limited version of the Dualtron STORM electric scooter comes with peak power of 11500W and a fixed battery of 84V / 45AhThe quality of this model, like all the products of the company Minimotors, raises no complaints. This Dualtron STORM Limited promises to live up any expe..
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Dualtron X II UP (72V, 45Ah) Dualtron X II UP (72V, 45Ah)
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Brand: Dualtron
ΝEW Dualtron X II UP by MinimotorsThe successor of Dualtron X, Dualtron X II is the latest high-end model of the brand Minimotors. This new power monster is available and considered to be the most advanced eScooter in the world.The Dualtron X-II will offer performance even more powerful than its&nbs..
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Dualtron X LIMITED (84V, 60Ah) Dualtron X LIMITED (84V, 60Ah)
New Available for Pre order
Brand: Dualtron
The FLAGSHIP OF MINIMOTORS IS FINALLY BACK!  The most powerful electric scooter on the market had major upgrades…Dualtron X, is back as Dualtron X LIMITED.  Upgrades like the new EY4 color LCD display, throttle that instantly increases the output current to 70A, better motor magn..
Ex Tax:5,959.68€
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